Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Zach Bogosian Unhappy In Atlanta?

Zach Bogosian has contacted Rick Dudley and the Thrashers organization to let them know he is unhappy and would like a change of scenery...but does this mean he could actually be on the move? The answer is simply...No. The Thrashers are competing for a playoff spot and for a organization thats only been there 1 time in its entirety it is crucial to get in this season...there is nothing gained for Dudley to move the young defenseman...sources say Dudley will be looking to add some players at the deadline and not move key the future if Bogosian still is unhappy and decides to hit free agency then Dudley will have no other choice but to move him...for now Thrasher fans he isn't going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's not going anywhere. The Thrash know better now, thanks to Zhitnik (who? Check dictionary under "bad NHL trades that did nothing)

If he wants big money next year, and Dudley let's him walk, Atlanta will have a few early round picks in their pocket (RFA.)

Anonymous said...

Oh good, now you have a blog where you can just report what everyone else is saying an hour after they say it.