Monday, February 14, 2011

Rangers Gearing Up To Acquire Defenseman Before Deadline

The Rangers are in search of a offensive d-man and it appears they are inquiring/talking with many NHL teams in trying to accomplish there need. Earlier this season the Rangers were scouting Sheldon Souray in the AHL....the scouting report was not impressive and they opted to not pursue him. Sources tell me Kaberle and McCabe are possibilities, the asking price for both are very high at this time....Leafs asking for high pick and prospect for Kaberle while the Panthers are looking for a depth roster player and mid pick/prospect for McCabe. There price tags may drop closer to the deadline but if they don't the Rangers will NOT pursue either. There are many names being put out there but sources say the Rangers may look at a bigger trade to acquire a d-man with upside if there unable to get a rental for a good price.

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